March 03, 2008

Italian Spiderman

From 1964 - 1968 the extravagant production of the feature film Italian Spiderman, bankrupted Alrugo Entertainment and it's founder, Alfonso Alrugo. Unable to distribute the film in Italy, Alfonso sent the only print of the film to a distributor friend of his in New York. The cargo ship containing the only print of Italian Spiderman sunk somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. On Alfonso's death bed, his two grandsons vowed to go in search of the sunken print. After four years at sea, in 2006 they located the sunken vessel and retrieved the film cans containing Italian Spiderman. For the last two years, the brothers have been restoring the print to prepare it for the world. The Alrugo brothers have faith in the internet as a method of communicating to a world audience and hence released the Italian Spiderman trailer on the net in November '07. After receiving nearly half a million hits on youtube alone, the Alrugo brothers have decided to release the rest of the Italian Spiderman feature to the world via the internet, beginning APRIL 2008

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It's like Ron Jeremy meets Nacho Libre!