March 24, 2008

Hot ads

Just read about this on AdRants about the ad for Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich that was banned last year. It is said that Wendy's never approved it, but it sure seems like they took an "unapproved" concept awfully far. It is not hard to see why it was banned -- I mean, what brand would want to make their customers think that by consuming their product, their body would explode?

Anyway, I don't think anyone will mourn the fact that the ad never made it to air. But it was worth mentioning cuz it reminded me of a hilarious scene from My Name is Earl from the episode "Our Other Cops is On (Part 2)" where the guys steal an infrared camera from the police display at the county fair. They arrive back at Earl's unexpectadly and hilarity ensues. Watch below (skip to the 6:40 mark)

I don't know why but I was expecting the Wendy's ad to go there too but I guess that wouldn't have made any sense either now would it?

I digress...

The best spot I've seen so far to sell something hot is this old favourite (below) for Dairy Queen. The concept is good, but it's the acting that makes it.