March 11, 2008

Global Reach

Razor Blog status:

Since 2005 this simple blog has been a labour of love of mine and I enjoy posting and maintaining it as often as "deadlines allow"**. It has become a place where I like to pass along some of the great ideas I come across on a daily basis as I endeavor to stay current with the "goings on" in the advertising, marketing and design worlds. Sometimes, we even like to toot our own horns and share some of our own ideas that we think are good. The blog seems to have a pretty good following now and I'm always amazed and humbled by how far reaching it really is.

Today while doing my once a month check of Google Analytics, I noticed something pretty neat and worth sharing. The Razor Blog - for the first time - has cracked the "50" mark. This month (Feb. 10 - Mar. 10) there were visitors from over "50" countries... 59 in fact... from 591 different cities! I think that's pretty cool. Here are some of the stats...

Visitors by country:
Visitors by city:
Top 35 Countries & Cities:
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Interesting stats (to me):
  • More hits from US than Canada.
  • Second most visits from a city after Moncton... London, England!
Also, Halifax (where I know many regulars come from) is only #12 (Come on guys... you're 7 spots behind "not set". That's embarrassing.

Anyhoo... Thanks for visiting. I hope you continue to enjoy our sometimes wacky, and sometimes serious interpretations of Great Ideas. If you have any comments or suggestions, please pass them on. And feel free to add comments to any of the posts too. The other day I got an email from Brazil! I love it!


**with apologies to American Copywriter