January 23, 2008

Well Orchestrated

Described as "one of the best Youth Orchestras in Canada", our good friends at the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra have continued to build upon the tremendous success and notoriety they've received over the last few years. Since 2003, they have built a very impressive resume - including:
  • a performance for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
  • a critically acclaimed performance on stage at Carnegie Hall.
  • a prime-time CBC documentary featuring the orchestra.
  • a trip to Parma, Italy with performance on the world-famous stage at the Auditorium Paganini.
  • mentoring from principal musicians of the Regio Symphony Orchestra in Parma.
  • Performances in China at...The Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, the Great Hall of the People, as well as Tienanmen Square and The Hebei Arts Centre in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.
  • mentoring and coaching from professional musicians of the Beijing Symphony and China Philharmonic Orchestras.
Over the course of this journey, they have also recorded 3 CD's including their most recent one: Forbidden City Tour recorded at the Central China Radio Studio (You can listen to it here). This CD features the full 72 member symphonic orchestra with members from all over NB ranging in age from 12 - 22.

That brings us to their most recent outstanding achievement. The NBYO has just been nominated for an ECMA! This is huge for them. They are even opening the awards show in Fredericton (Sunday March 2nd at 7pm - broadcast nationally on CBC)!

Razor is not only a proud supporter of the NBYO, but are also fans. We encourage anyone from New Brunswick who has not heard them, to seek them out, go to a performance and discover this hidden gem. If you enjoy it (and you will), spread the word and help support these brilliant and dedicated young musicians.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
- Berthold Auerbach