October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

First of all, the winners of the 4th annual Razor Halloween Costume Contest are as follows:

First Place:
Ben (Sexy Playboy Bunny)

Second Place:
Angela (1940's Gangsta Chick)

Third Place:
Stephen (World's Most Handsome Man)

Honourable mention:
Rich (David Ortiz)

Honourable mention:
Gail (Distinguished Office Worker)

Congratulations to all, and thanks for participating!

For your Halloween viewing pleasure - Here's a top 10 list of scariest movie scenes of all time (as borowed from retroCRUSH)

WARNING! Many of these are NSFW

10) The Shining
9) The Exorcist III
8) Night of the Living Dead
7) Jacob's Ladder
6) Un Chien Andalou
5) Poltergeist
4) Alien
3) The Shining
2) Carrie
1) Mulholland Drive (Very creepy!)

(For the complete list of 100 - click here)
P.S. Many of these - also NSFW!!!