September 05, 2007

United Countries of Baseball

I just love this Nike baseball ad. They are true experts at getting us sports fans even more frothy over something we are already excited about.

(Click image to view awesome large version)

Copy reads:
"These borders are real for seven months a year. From opening day to the World Series, the majority of people in each country pledge their allegiance to the team shown, regardless of placement in the standings, questionable trades, draft picks, pitching rotations, uniform redesigns, or mascot behavior, and these lines will stay true until the citizens of each country vote to redraw the borders for next season."
There's also some cool regional specific ones that have neat stats - geographical area, population, cultural landmarks (ie. Oakland A's = Awesome Mustaches), etc. (See them here).

Side Note: Apparently the folks at Nike are in cahoots with the very small minded local media here in Moncton that would have the world believe that Nova Scotia does not exist.