September 12, 2007


I thought... is he gonna just leave that fridge door open? Of course not...

Apparently, this spot is taking the UK by storm! It is actually a great example of how user generated content CAN work... sort of. Earlier this year, Brylcreem created a its own MySpace profile in support of their new b:Effortless tag. In a little over three months, they had 1,700 friends. The plan was to get MySpacers to post videos of themselves doing tricks "effortlessly" (Brylcreem's tagline) with a chance to win some money and appear in their new ad.

Enter Sam Veale, (who just so happens to be) a somewhat photogenic professional juggler and comedian, and the rest is history. Here's Sam's submission video:


It's cool that many of the original tricks made it to the final spot.

They also used MySpace to find the music for the ad... Raymond and the Voicettes beat out over 200 other video entries.

The best part of all, is that the ad was really done, as it appears... in one take with no CG! We don't know yet how many takes... but it seems like it would have been many! Brilliantly directed too... the ball rolling in at the end is perfect.

Watch the Brylcreem site
, as they are supposedly going to post a "making of" video soon.

They sure have come a long way since the "A little da'll do ya" days.

UPDATE (Sept. 13): Found an interview with director Frederik Bond (HERE)... it was 180 - 200 takes!