August 19, 2007

iPhone Bills

Here's a couple scary videos regarding some of the crazy billing surrounding the iPhone:

First is a girl named Justine who documents her life on her blog. She recently got her first bill... in a BOX! It was 300 pages! Her story was a viral sensation, was picked up by Yahoo! and she was even interviewed on CNN.

Next is this great one from some dude who took his phone to Europe. Apparently the over $4000 bill is his actual bill. (Read the whole story here)

I love the ironic use of the iPhone music in the videos.


My friend in California told me his first bill was 50 pages. So let's say that an average of 50 pages per all 700,000 iPhone users... thats 3.5 million sheets of paper! That equals God knows how many trees! Plus... Some quick figuring... a 500 sheet ream of paper is 5 lbs. so that means 70,000 lbs or 35 tons of paper mailed every month (burning God knows how much fuel to deliver)... just for the iPhone. That's it... I'm alerting Al Gore! (He does say though, that it is still hands down the best phone ever.)