July 27, 2007


Anyone notice that all day today, local Moncton radio station K94.5 (CKCW) has completely transformed itself into KBBL Springfield? According to their website, Mr. Burns has bought the station. They've done a pretty comprehensive job switching all the announcer tracks, logos, stingers, bumpers and transitions. They've completed the switch with Springfield news reports, weather and sports. All the time they slip in promos for the "documentary" of the local family "the Simpsons" playing down at the Springfield Google-plex.

Even popular DJ Scotty Horsman has transformed himself into a vintage disk-jockey with a stereotypical nasally over-the-top announcer voice pronouncing many or the artists names incorrectly. It's great.

They've clearly spent a lot of time and money putting this together, so I've got to think that someone is paying for this (ie. FOX) – in which case, it is another example of the marketing genius surrounding the Simpsons movie – but I wouldn't put it past the very clever and creative Scotty Horsman (et. al.) to have come up with this on his own.

I found a scenario in the UK where they've done something similar to this, but it sounds a little different, so I can't be sure.

"Stay tuned" (get it... ha ha).

Listen live here

Famed Springfield announcers: Bill & Marty