July 10, 2007

DQ - Something (really) Different...

Quite a while ago I signed up at the DQ site for some promotion (might have been something to do with the Apprentice). Since then I have been part of what they call the "delicious panel". Every once in a while I get an email to take a survey about something, usually it has to do with new products they are considering.

Today I took the survey and it was the best yet... in a weird way. When I saw the first item (veggie nachos), I thought it was a joke. Some of the other food items they are looking at are out there too... here's some of the best ones.

Have a look:

veggie cup... maybe... but calling it nachos? Come on.

with sausage and egg!

Hmmm -- wonder if this is baked or deep fried?

Deep fried KD... yummmmm.

maybe if it were ice cream on it...