June 22, 2007

Understanding Consumer Behavior

Here's a great snippet from a speech by Andrew Robertson, president-CEO, BBDO Worldwide at this years CANNES.
'Creating experiences'
"We need to stop thinking of distributing, interrupting," said Mr. Robertson, "but [start thinking about] creating experiences."

"The challenge," Mr. Robertson said, "is to simplify what is horribly wrong with the industry."

To start, Mr. Robertson believes agencies should focus on behavior-driven insights, which he said are richer than ideology-based insights. Second, ideas should be big, but definable in a text message. ("Kid can see dead people no one else can" being one example of a simple explanation for a mind-blowing movie.) Lastly, Mr. Robertson said, agencies need to "craft the smart out of it." In other words, make the idea what's best for the client, not a glamorous spot that only looks good on a creative's reel.

"The work is the only thing that matters," Mr. Robertson said. "Agencies don't. ... Great work is what changes people's behavior."