June 21, 2007

He shoots... He scores!

I meant to post this a while ago, but we all know about the road that's paved with "good intentions". Anyway, earlier this year, we did a photoshoot for Fatkat for their new trade show display.

Fatkat is known in the TV and animation industry for their cool hockey jerseys. Wherever they go - be it black tie dinners, comedy clubs in New York City or throwing gutter balls at the Miramichi Bowling Lanes... they always 'represent' with the jerseys.

The Fatkat Krew regularily attends and exhibits at tradeshows from Las Vegas, to Banff to France. This is often a very cluttered world of TV and animation companies, schlepping their services and trying to get the attention of networks, studios and show buyers. Fatkat needed to "Cut through" and be noticed by these dudes. Fatkat always leaves an impression. Their booth could be no exception. The hockey theme seemed an excellent option considering in an international and US market with folks not used to seeing hockey stuff in this context.

Thus, began the process of designing and building it...

It started with the conceptual design. We proposed having mini branded goalie sticks and hockey pucks as giveaways and also adding flashing goal lights and a real net with a plasma TV inside to play their reels.
Then to the final conceptual design...

...this - with the help of David Corkum, some ice-time at the Miramichi Civic Center, as many staff that could tear themselves away from their wacom tablets, and some Razor Photoshop magic - was all we needed.

Shots were taken, composed and retouched, and we had one awesome booth. It was unveiled for the first time in Las Vegas and received rave reviews.
That's Gene Fowler, Prez & CEO in nets - he's actually a goalie and is showing fine form (although I did sneak a couple by him). Note the AMAZING goalie gear. Brian's Manufacturing is one of their clients and they did a nice little contra deal.

They were so pleased, they even had Miramichi Mayor John McKay stand in front of it!

Here's some making-of/behind-the-scenes shots:

We couldn't round up enough Kat Krew, so we had to improvise on the crowd shot. We took several pics of the people in each section of the stands and had them move around. We had them all sit down and on the count of three they'd jump up and cheer.

Once that was done, we moved on to the goalie shot...

"What the hell have I got myelf into"

Gene receiving some crucial direction:
" Can we get you to kick your leg out and wave your hand like a 1920's jitterbug dancer?"

Bryan running some fart interferance.

Just about to crash the net

Then we thought we try a few with Bartholomew in goal...

Bryan Shannon, Gene, Big Show and the decapitated head of Bartholomew

Gene and me.
Heard from the stands: "I don't care if one of them is really sweaty... that is one handsome couple of dudes right there!"