May 30, 2007

Your mind is about to be blown!

Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft just launched "Surface" which is likely to be the future of computing going forward. It's best not to try and explain it, you just have to watch (Click here) Watch when they just set devices on the table and it automatically recognizes them, them you can just drag stuff to it... SO KEWL!

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps (as if it wasn't already cool enough) has recently unveiled the new "Street View" feature. Go to either New York, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas or San Fransisco and zoom in to street level. Click on view street level and then you can "virtually" walk down the street and look around in every direction. Amazing! Look for many more cities to come, and eventually the whole world.

A couple of mind-blowing innovations from a couple of world leading companies.