March 23, 2007

Whiteboards & Cardboard Magneto

What would we do without our whiteboards? Heck, we've got over 20 feet of it in our meeting room. Gene at Fatkat saw that and got major whiteboard envy and had us order him over 100 feet of it for his new offices! Brainstorming wouldn't be the same without it.

So, I guess it's not too hard to imagine the Creative team coming up with the new UPS campaign that I'm sure you've all seen by now...

An interesting bit of trivia for this campaign... Apparently after having auditioned "over 1,000 potential actors" (according to the agency) they decided that none of them were capturing the right emotion nor had the right hair for the spots. That's when they -- in the same way you find your glasses on your head after having looked everywhere -- decided the right guy had been sitting before them the whole time... The Creative Director himself (a guy by the name of Andy Azula from the Martin Agency). It reminds me of a similar scenario from years ago where the Creative guy made his way into his spot.

Well, like it or hate it, the campaign is apparently working well for them. They've also tied in a nice website where you can, among other things, send a whiteboard message to your friends (and yes Andy even draws it).

... as well as these nice billboards (complete with giant marker that says "What can Brown do for you?").

As an illustrator (and whiteboard user) myself, these ads sort of connect with me in a Pictionary kind of way. I think it's connecting with lots of others too based on the slew of parodies popping up on YouTube lately. Here's one:

The ultimate irony of the whole thing is the music. It's an excellent song (from an excellent album) called: Such Great Heights, by: (...wait for it...) The POSTAL SERVICE!