March 17, 2007

Would the real Springfield please step forward

In what is not being called a publicity stunt, Fox has confirmed that news has "leaked" of a contest to determine which Springfield will host the upcoming Simpsons movie. The long list of towns and cities in the U.S. named Springfield will be whittled down to only 16 who will then battle royal to determine the winner.

If the facts in this article are true, my money is on Springfield, Illinois. A town with a power plant, a doughnut factory, a nearby town called Shelbyville, an iconic statue of a favourite son, an Evergreen Terrace, and even a Springfield High School that looks just like the school in the cartoon series. I'd be willing to bet that there's even a fat lazy dad that hangs out in a bar, and a punk kid that rides around on a skateboard.

Here's some profound advice for all the competing towns:
"No matter what you do there's always someone who's
better... The lesson is, never try."
- Homer Simpson

If you haven't seen it yet, watch the trailer, it's pretty good.