March 29, 2007

Say no to no billboards

The Mayor and City Council of Auckland, New Zealand has publicly condemed billboards in their city declaring them major eyesores and have begun the process to ban them completely.

The New Zealand Communication Agencies Association (Caanz) and billboard company Oggi decided that's not cool, and chose to fight back. They rallied some of the top agencies to help retaliate with an outdoor campaign opposing the ban. Their solution (conceived by DDB New Zealand) was to point out the obvious hypocrisies in the Council's argument by creating a campaign showing that removing billboards will not remove the true eyesores: Auckland’s ugly buildings.

"Not exactly the Sistine Cahpel, is it?"

"This is the view we are spoiling"

"Ah, that's better"

SNAP!! Auckland City Council! That oughta teach 'em! Did they know who they were messin' with?