March 28, 2007

Red Tape Man

Our friend Mike Leard - renowned Art Director over at Trampoline - helped create this cool character and campaign for the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. Red Tape Man is the antithesis to all that the Chamber is working towards, and the campaign implores everyone to help stop this evil beast. Very nice work.

Then yesterday, I get this cryptic email with the following picture:

Not having been to Halifax in a while, I was a bit puzzled. After some further investigation, I discovered the meaning. Below is a picture of one of the iconic billboards (by Cossette Atlantic) that appeared throughout the city during it's recent bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games:

We all know what happened there. The Red Tape Man editorial says so much. I bet even the folks at Cossette had a chuckle. I'm quite bummed about that whole mess, as I think the Games would have been good for all the Maritimes, and would have a blast to go to see. Nevertheless, it's another reminder that Red Tape Man is lurking out there, waiting for his next opportunity to strike.