March 26, 2007

Can you brand a fish?

Nova Scotia Arctic Charr

In his new weekly series of video news features on, marketing guru Martin Lindstrom spotlights branding practices around the world. A former global COO of British Telecom/LookSmart and BBDO executive, he is the author or co-author of books including "BrandSense," "BrandChild" and "Brand Building on the Internet."

In one of this week's videos, he discusses whether you can brand a fish, and the merits of doing so (Watch it here). This is particularily interesting to us.

We would argue yes, of course you can. We have actually been working on that very thing for the past two years, and are poised to help roll out two new high-end retail products; Nova Scotia Arctic Charr fillets, and Nova Scotia Arctic Charr Spread.
We started on this project tasked to help to create the Nova Scotia Arctic Charr brand, which we then test marketed to high-end chefs and restaurants in New England & Upper Canada. The overwhelmingly positive response to this has led to the latest venture into retail. Watch for it soon in your local supermarket.

Plus, if you are ever dining at a fine restaurant establishment and notice that Arctic Charr is on the menu, make sure to ask them if it's "Nova Scotia Arctic Charr". There is a huge difference... That's branding!