February 19, 2007

Impossible Quiz

Think you are in the know when it comes to skateboard culture. Didn't think so. Try this cool quiz anyway and see how you rate.

Surgo Skateboards is a local brand of decks and skate clothes. They approached us to help them develop a fun little game for their new website. Knowing that the web is saturated with simple Flash games, that are often fairly lame despite their high cost to produce, we came up with the "Impossible Quiz" concept. It allowed us to build something simple, engaging and inexpensive with some of the skate footage that Surgo already owned (in fact the first clip is Aaron Roberts - the owner, and the baby clip is his son at 10 months old. He couldn't even walk yet!). It was designed to expose the user to the brand, entertain them a little while telling them a little about the type of wild and crazy, no rules brand it is. It's the foundation of the "KISS" principle: Keep it simple (and) stupid!

Try it here.