January 02, 2007

Bye Bye BK

Our downstairs neighbors are officially gone. After many years downtown, the owners decided to close down the BK on 696 Main (Just below us)... perhaps to do some sunning on the beach with Brooke Burke.

The days of going down the back stairs for a Whopper with cheese have come to a sad end. The good news is that instead of going downstairs, we can march our sorry butts up to the third floor to the new yoga studio that moved in last month. Stay tuned to find out who the new tenants will be in the next few months.

In related news... when they removed the sign, they found a pigeon's nest (built in a pile of poopoo) with a couple babies in it. The caring sign guys from Hansen Signs gently removed the babies as the worried mother looked on.
They promptly replaced the nest as best they could back on the ledge and moved the babies back in and all was right with the world - at least for that very moment.