December 08, 2006

Day 1,096

Wow! What a year it's been. We've welcomed new staff (Andrew), new babies (Phoebe), new hairstyles (Angela), a new door (thanks Keith & Ron!), and many interesting and exciting new clients! We've been humbled by the continued love, support and encouragement we've received over the past three years. Thank you to everyone! Here's to many... many more!

For fun, I thought I'd revisit our other anniversary pictures:

Here's last year's... Angela was still a new, fresh face, and despite the seemingly dim light, I felt the need to wear sunglasses.

Our second year in the biz was cool. So were Stephen and I in our new Razor toques. We were all settled in at 698 Main, still full of vim and vigor, and completely recovered from emergency surgeries (minus one gallbladder). Note we were still working under the name Razor Communications. Shortly thereafter in Jan '05, we officially changed to Razor Creative (we're still incorporated as Razor Communications Inc.).

And all the way back to "Day One"... that snowy, stormy day back in '03. Right after this picture was taken, we made our way through the blizzard over to Hynes Restaurant which became our temporary meeting space for the first months. In those days, we'd meet at Hynes in the morning, run to meetings all day, then work all night. Ah... the good ol' days.