November 22, 2006

Grey Cup Recap

This year's Grey Cup is definitely gonna be hard to top - with all the FREE swag (Thanks CFL), and VIP passes (Thanks McCain), exclusive parties, celebrity sightings, and heated porta-potties.

Here's a brief recap:
After we checked in and saw Doug Flutie, we got to our rooms only to find a package, and letter from the CFL with all kinds of nice goodies!
Every year, it's tradition for the Calgary contingent to ride a horse into the lobby of the hotel. This year, it happened to be our hotel, and we happened to be walking by when it all went down. Stephen's poking in in the background. His fear of horses, prevents him from coming within 5 feet of them.I had better luck making friends... ("...ooooh, so soft, and luxurious...")
Later we ventured out and got to play with guns...
...and medium range rocket launchers! Here's Colin taking out a few pigeons.

Keith choosing his mark.
Later, we went to the Montreal Alouettes party...

Save the Cheerleader...
...Save the World.
After that, we went to Tom Cochrane to catch some ZZZZ's and regroup for the much longer night ahead...
After Tom we went to the Atlantic Kitchen Party where an excellent band was playing: Men in Kilts (Check this out). Awesome!


The stadium was packed - a complete sell out.
Section EF2 - Seat 33 - Row 1 - Field Level on the 25 yd. line - SAWEEET!The players take the field.Very close to the action.
Stephen & Rich.
Keith & Rich
The NCR boys getting warm in the VIP tent.
19 - 12 BC with 15:00 left in the 4thStephen can't control his emotions.
Final Score: BC 25 - Montreal 14. As viewed from the leather couch in the VIP tent.

Here's some videos from our spot right outside the VIP tent. Did I mention we were in the VIP tent? Free food and drink - all night long!