September 10, 2006

All things Football

Well, the NFL is back and Week One was very satisfying (especially for us Bears fans!). I'd like to dedicate this post to my good friend John Smith. Thinking of you buddy!

First thing I'll say is how much I love the new theme for NFL on NBC. Of course how could you not considering the legendary composer. I haven't heard anything by John Williams I have not liked - ever. This is no exception. I first heard the song last week and was blown away. To see it today in context - behind the great images of NFL players rushing onto the field in slow motion for the much anticipated Giants/Colts game... well, I got goosebumps. Have a listen:

Next comes this great new campaign for Nike from Weiden+Kennedy.

In the years I spent in the US, I remember the phenomenon that was High School football. Even the smallest towns in the smallest states have programs that rival those of our university teams here in Canada. Friday night games were a major community event. Whole towns shut down. Everyone goes. Every game means something. Yes, "Football is Everything".

Therein lies the brilliance, I think, of the new Nike stuff. They are tapping into the emotions that all true blue American football fans can relate to... High School football. These aren't big multimillionaire players with huge egos, living in fantasy worlds. These are our local boys. We all know them and know their families. We remember when we played with their fathers and their mothers were on the cheerleading squad.

Enter the star studded "Briscoe Hawks" (named for Marlin Briscoe - first starting black quarterback the modern era, he even has a part in the spotsas one of the coaches), a ficticious High School dream team featuring such "local boys" as; Michael Vick (Atlanta), LaDainian Tomlinson (San Diego), (my boy) Brian Urlacher (Chicago), Troy Polamalu (Pittsburgh), and Matt Leinart (Arizona). The coach is none other than Don Shula (who I can just imagine is the owner of the local hardware store). Even Jimmy Johnson (the history teacher), Steve Young and Deion Sanders have roles.

From the looks of the site, we'll be able to check back for the next 14 weeks leading up to the state finals. I can imagine more TV spots building it up and following the season. Complimenting the TV is the print campaign featuring the stars from Briscoe High which will run in major sports publications including Sports Illustrated, ESPN the Magazine and The Sporting News. This is just a great idea. Check out the site here.

Speaking of great ideas... Finally, make sure you go and enter the new McCain Crescenco/CFL promotion we did. Pick up some McCain Crescenco Pizza, then enter for your chance to win a VIP trip to the Grey Cup this year in "The Peg". Click here. Going to the Grey Cup has become a Razor tradition and this year will be no exception. We'd love it if you were there too!