August 08, 2006

Razor Door

What started literally as a hand sketch on a napkin (as most of the best ideas do) is almost a reality. Stephen and I just took a trip over to Apex Industries to take a look at the progress on our new pièce-de-résistance!

The guys at Apex got wind of our idea and immediately offered to build it for us... out of STAINLESS STEEL (one of their specialties).
They build doors and frames for facilities all over the world, not the least of which are security doors for prisons and bullet proof doors for embassies (including Canadian embassies) - soon to be added to that list: crackpot Creative Agencies!

They were as excited about it as we were, and the drawings quickly began to come in...

They even created a little video detailing how some of it will be built:

Today, they called us in to look at some finishing options. I was able to snap a few photos:

This is the 'guts' of it without the glass - before they install the facing.

One of the completed facing panels

An Apex technician working on the finish.

Keith, Ron, Alex and the rest of the crew are amazing! We can't wait 'till it's installed!