July 03, 2006

LEGO ads

Here's a nice collection of LEGO ads that have been making waves lately in the industry...

This ad by FCB, Johannesburg won the coveted Cannes Print Grand Prix 2006.

But before that... there were these ones by Blattner Brunner USA for a Philadelphia Toy Store. (I kinda like these better...)

Then there was this one in Santiago, Chile. They made use of the fact that the crane - in a highly visible location - was not in use on the weekends.
Here's another construction site stunt. This one got huge media play.

Here's some different ones from Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore...

Cannes loves LEGO. This one won a Grand Prix last year. It's also from Santiago, Chile.

There's just something about LEGO. It's inspired us all at some point in our lives. It's nice to see as 'grownups' we can still appreciate it, and pay homage to it. That's the warm and fuzzy side of the brand. Now, if someone could just capture the essence of what it feels like as a parent to step on a piece of LEGO in the dark in your bare feet. Now that would be a funny commercial.