June 28, 2006

Power Poms go to the NBA Finals!

Our friends at Versatile Visions (creators of the amazing Skyliner) are coming off a euphoric high after having sold well over 50,000 of their patented glowing "Power Poms™" to the Dallas Mavericks!

This means a lot to us at Razor as we helped them by designing and developing the retail packaging for the Power Pom as well as the kid's version - the Power Pom Jr.
It was a sight to behold as over 17,000 blue L.E.D. Pom Poms lit up the American Airline Center in Dallas for each home game during the finals.

Fans were instructed to turn their Poms on when the lights went out.


Miami's Dwayne Wade can't help but clap for the
Power Poms as Shaq looks on - stunned.

These people all LOVE their Power Poms!

“With the lights dimmed, they waved white Pom Poms with flashing blue lights
that gave the center the feel of an Olympics closing ceremony.”

- Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Congratz Deane and Hal! These things are poised to replace thundersticks - you just wait...