May 11, 2006

Self-steadying bike

Coming from a guy who's dealing with this exact issue as we speak, I think this is an awesome invention...

[From Engadet]: Besides learning to use the toilet properly, the ability to ride a bicycle is one of the most important early-childhood accomplishments, but unfortunately, the current use of training wheels for practice does little to prepare kids for life on two wheels. Well a start-up using technology developed at Dartmouth College is aiming to eliminate the rolling crutches that are training wheels, and replace them with a gyroscopic flywheel that attaches to the front wheel and helps a bike steady itself whenever the rider loses his/her balance by using natural physical properties to turn the handlebars towards the direction of an impending fall. Soon be able to buy a model with this technology built-in instead of retrofitting one you already own.

GyroBike flywheel helps bicycles self-steady [Engadet]