May 07, 2006

Rolling Stone 1000th issue

Just picked up the 1000th issue of Rolling Stone and haven't put it down since. I got it up yesterday and have already read it cover-to-cover.

The amazing 3D cover featuring over 150 pop culture icons is absolutely incredible. (Pretty cool that the Target ad on the back follows suit in 3D as well).

The coolness continues on throughout the issue as photograhers (including my all-time fav Annie Leibovitz) and artists reflect on the photoshoots and interviews surrounding the famous covers. The stories of how certain covers came to be and the behind the scenes stuff is great! See articles written by Conan O'Brien (on Johnny Carson), Steve Martin, and Bono.

The best story is about how the playful image of naked John Lennon from the Feb 5, 1981 issue curled up with a somber Yoko ended up taking on a whole new meaning (John's goodbye kiss) as shortly after the photo was taken, John was taken from us. The story moves me evertime I hear it.

Want more? Here's a link to a USA Today article on some of the top covers of all time.