April 13, 2006

La La La La

Here's an interesting clip that's been just dying to be leaked to the public...

Last year we were working on our 2tongues website for the Commissioner of Official Languages and one of the sections is "Games". We developed 3 simple games aimed at our target demo 9 - 13. Nothing revolutionary as far as online games go , but more importantly each game was designed to subtly convey our message - which is basically: "We're New Brunswick, we're bilingual, and that makes us awesome".

There's a space-invaders-like game called "BlaBlaBlitz", a tetris-like game called "TĂȘteris", and finally a simon-like game called "La. La." We all remember the premise of Simon... Coloured shapes light up and play sounds. You have to remember the pattern of light and sound and play it back.

We thought it would be funny if we recorded the sounds as our own voices, then of course modulate the pitch up so it sounded like aliens or chipmunks or whatever you prefer. There are four sounds needed, so we said we'd use 2 of Rich and 2 of Stephen.

One fine day, we were in the studio recording the Hostess tracks for the animated girl who introduces visitors to the site. When we were done, we thought we'd take ten minutes and "lay down" our tracks for the "La. La." game. Rich took the mic first and nailed it in one take. Then Stephen (who had earlier been bragging of his "crooning" abilities as a youth) went into the booth. Hilarity ensued...

Turn up the speakers and have a listen: