March 28, 2006

No Nocturnal Notion?

So I was trying to fall asleep the other night and I was having difficulity. Sleeping is one of our most natural instincts. We just do it... most of the time anyway. But consider this... you wake up in the morning, knowing that you have slept all night, yet you don’t remember the exact moment you fell asleep.

So, if you want to drive yourself crazy, try this... Next time you are laying in bed at night run this scenerio through your head.

“I know exactly what I am thinking right now, yet in the morning I won’t remember what I thought just before I went to sleep. So since I know what I’m thinking now, this is obviously not the point in the night where I am about to slip off into slumberland.”

Keep repeating this in your head... and, well you see where I'm going.

It’s a bit like the creative process. If you try too hard... you are too aware of what you are trying to achieve, you’re often unsuccessfull, and/or drive yourself crazy in the process.

It’s best just to let things happen, know generally what you are trying to achieve and let your mind go free to do the rest. Let it roam wherever it wants to go and stop thinking too rigidly. The creative idea will come much more smoothly and you feel a whole lot better about the process.