March 10, 2006

The Big Parade

Today was a momentus day in our city's history. After winning Olympic Gold in Torino (or is that Tourin?), our local boy Russ Howard invited his fellow curlers to town for a weekend of celebrations in their honour. If having streets in St John's named after them wasn't enough, they were also honoured with a parade in Moncton. The route from Highfield Square to City Hall was lined with dozens of proud supporters. It began with the obligatory police car (sirens blaring), a local amateur curling team carrying a banner, a small marching band, one radio station van, followed by another minivan (containing the team - thankfully, the side doors were open, so you could at least see two of the guys that happened to be sitting next to each door). I managed to snap a picture as they passed by our window...Finally the whole procession had one of the local firetrucks (sirens blaring) taking up the rear. Well, if I had to sum up in one word... WOW! After a trip to Italy for the Olympics and all that went with that, then winning gold medals, I'm sure they wondered what could ever top that experience. I think they found that out today. Congratz guys!