February 16, 2006

How can beer survive?

With all the controversy lately in the beer world, one might wonder how the beer industry can sustain itself.

First bit of news is from our friends at Moosehead. they ran a nice little ad last year in the Onion which says a really nasty thing about women (Which the management and staff here at Razor in no way condone - we love women!). The London Free Press headline reads "Brewery withdraws sexist ad". Not the first time we've seen that headline, eh? Sensing a pattern?
(Disclaimer: Can't say too much as in our former lives we were directly involved in the latter piece.)

In other news, Robert Smith, the actor who plays the angry Scotsman in the Keith's ads, was arrested for child p or n charges. Constable Isabelle Cotton, a spokeswoman for the Toronto Police, said Mr. Smith is not considered a threat to public safety (that is unless you spill the pride of Nova Scotia). The newest version of the "spilly-talker" commercials first launched in Canada during the Super Bowl with others to be rolled out later this year. What a shame too, as I was looking SO** forward to the new ones.(**dripping with sarcasm)

Well, at least there's still (scandal free) Pumphouse Beer!